[Blueprint Tutorial] Multi-stage Projectiles

Hey guys,

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to make a multi-stage projectile. There’s many ways you can take this but this will lay out the ground work on how to make it happen. Let me know what you think! This same logic can be used to make shotguns as well

I touched briefly on how to make it burst outwards in a cone but I forgot one key part. you need to Get Actor Rotation Yaw and add the Random Float In range to that, then into the spawn transform. See the below image. This causes the projectiles to spawn in a 60 degree horizontal cone outwards from the original location


This looks like alot of fun, I’ll try it out tonight!

And here is how to take what we learned and make a shotgun using similar logic

great tutorial. Thanks! I’ll try to do this tomorrow.

A simple and powerful blueprint.
Perhaps with a bit of physics is possible recreate a super flak cannon with explosive balls.

Yup you could use physical material assigned to a tank or plane and have the projectiles OnComponentBeginOverlap with a large trigger box, Get physical material, if “FlakCanDamageMaterial”, explode.

In theory of course, I have yet to play with physical materials. Unless you mean a simple hand held Flak cannon that explodes on proximity to an enemy, that would be sweet and easy to do. Have it shoot scrap metal or something