Blueprint Tutorial Changes

Hi everyone, as I’m sure some of you have noticed the blueprint tutorials that have been provided have changed slightly since the StarterMap was updated.

edit: I’ve updated the post the show the solution

Tutorial Two:

  • Changing Visibility: Open the CeilingLight Blueprint, click the components tab up top and then select the light. You can then scroll through its details and disable its visibility.
  • Reference in LevelBlueprint: You can access the PointLight attached to CeilingLight by dragging a Node off of it’s reference and simply search for PointLight and choose the Getter.

Link to video tutorials:

Are you trying to access the TriggerVolume inside the CeilingLight Blueprint or inside the Level Blueprint?

You can create a Variable reference to PointLight1 in Level Blueprint by dragging from your Blueprint_CeilingLight (in the Level BP Eventgraph) and typing Point Li… which will pop up the get/set nodes for the point light inside Blueprint_CeilingLight (perhaps this is what you meant, it wasn’t clear).

I’ve not got to Tut 3 yet, perhaps the same approach is needed?

Edit: Yes, it is (see below)

Thanks guys for making us understand more before we get there. At the moment, I am still reading the documentations and in and out of the forum threads. A good way to start I think. :cool:

Ya I noticed the same thing. I just deleted Blueprint_CeilingLight and replaced it with what was in the videos. Either way you end up at the same result!

In the “Blueprint QuickShot 2 Blueprint Pickup” tutorial (, I noticed that the presenter used the “Cast to PlayerCharacter_C” node, but this isn’t showing up for my contextsensitive menu. Was there a previous tutorial that I missed that added this node? Or, how can I reproduce what the presenter is achieving in the video another way?



The reference to the pointlight is exactly what was needed.

You can use “Cast to Character” instead of “Cast to PlayerCharacter_C” and you should be able to complete the rest of that tutorial.



I am still stuck because I understand better on a video demonstration, if anyone finds a video of an updated version of that second Blueprint video please link it down below :slight_smile: