Blueprint Tutor

Hello all Blueprint enthusiasts.
I am in the midst of creating an RTS with blueprints and It’s going decently well.
However, I am having consistent problems with interactions between different actors and with their blackboards.

I’m looking for a tutor who can guide me through my problems one-on-one.

I’m in need of someone to work with me and problem solve. It’s not enough to just fix the bugs, but I really want to learn the mistakes I’ve made.
So I’m looking for someone who can answer my questions and help me along to solutions of future problems.
You wouldn’t need to be an expert by any means, as we could attempt to solve these problems together.

You wouldn’t have to come up with lessons, or anything, we’d just meet, I’ll show you today’s problem, and we’d work it out together!

Hopefully we could meet just once or twice a week and I’d pay you by the hour.
Thanks to anyone interested!
Contact me at

Hello, my name is Craig Delancy and I am a professional ue4 programmer (blueprint and c++). I wanted to let you know I offer tutoring for 22.50 US dollars per hour. If you are interested, send me an email at I tried to contact you via email, but according to Google, the email address you provided does not exist.

Thank you for your time,
Craig Delancy

i would love to help add me on skype @EnigmaDevColton or twitter .