Blueprint Touch Button

Hey guys,

I’ve been looking around and seen A LOT of people are running into trouble doing some very basic HUD stuff, I know there isnt much documentation at the moment out there.

I’m looking to do a simple touch button based on the Content HUD Example, but running into a lot of troubles.

I have currently got a Rectangle to appear on my hud, but not too sure on how to connect it to a ‘TouchBegin’ event and make it call a function from a different Blueprint.


I believe this is done using hitbox’s. I created a var and set it when creating the button, and then use that for the TouchBegin.

Can you take my through the steps in more detail?

Currently I have attached it to the camera and added a ‘Text’ block in the components, then linked it to a TouchBegin event.

Any staff help would be appreciated as a lot of people are getting into a tangle over this.

The normal steps for HUD are :
1 - After “Event Receive Draw HUD”, add an Hit Box.
2 - Add an “Event Receive Hit Box Click”.

You can see little example here, in a discussion I opened : Why don't I receive an event from the HitBox on Mobile? - Community & Industry Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

But I have no event received with this.

Maybe it’s a bug, but without UE developers response I’m not sure.

Maybe the 4.1 update will correct this ?

Thanks for the Response - I hear they have Slate? But I can’t see any documentation or anything about how to run it?

I have not yet the time to try Slate.

You can find tutorials on the Wiki :

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