Blueprint Tools /w Keyboard Support

I’ve been developing this for a while now. Figuring out how to bend the editor to the plugin’s will took a week or two, but it’s the details that have taken most of the time and there’s still lots of tweaking to do.

The main feature is keyboard-based node editing.
You navigate traversing node pins using WSAD. Call the right-click menu by pressing space, create a knot with shift+space, etc. The layout will be configurable, and I’ll decide on the defaults based on feedback.

Other features include…

Chain Select. Combines the actions Select-Input-Nodes+Select-Output-Nodes
Swap wires. Applied on a pair of nodes. Any pins of the same name, type and direction swap wires.
Grab-> Move/Splice. This will be easier to show than describe. Basically general manipulation of wires.
Dissolve. Breaks apart knots into separate wires. Will probably have a version for deleting nodes and then connecting their left/right pins together too.

Will be ready to submit to the store soon, if you are interested in the plugin feel free to suggest more blueprint actions that you’d like.