Blueprint TODO Node


I’d really like to have a standalone node or something that can be placed in a blueprint for “TODO” annotations. In code, you would just add a "//TODO: " line in the according section, but unless I’m mistaken, there is no such thing in blueprints. Additionally, a small list view where you can browse and directly jump to all your TODOs would be great.

What do you think?

I like the idea. Maybe it could be as simple as making the editor parse the comment nodes and collecting all of them that start with “TODO:” in a special list somewhere.

I was thinking about this myself. Great suggestion!

+1 for this idea.

i use “branch->print string” branch use a DEBUG(bool) and TODO(bool) , to show Debug data and TODO data on screen when i want.

each of my BP, at least the most complicate have his own debug/todo vars for activate/deactivate when i need changing true/false.

That’s a good idea. But it’s a different concept. The nice thing about commenting something with //TODO: in code is that most IDEs are able to parse your code and collect a list of these TODO comments somewhere. So you have a nice list of TODO items. It’s basically a safe way to annotate something and make sure that you don’t forget about it.

A great idea. Hope to see it implemented soon!

You can just place @TODO: (or whatever other tag you want) in a node comment or comment box, and find it in all blueprints (even unloaded ones) using Ctrl+Shift+F in a blueprint editor.

Michael Noland