Blueprint to selec a caractere

This is a moment that I try without result, I have a menue selction of character blueprint, if someone know how I’m interested.
Thank you

(sorry I used google translation)

Cela fait un moment que je cherche sans resultat, j’aimerais faire un menue de selction de personnage en blueprint, si quelqu’un sais comment faire je suis preneur.

(désolé d’avoir utilisé google traduction)

Depending on how you want to do it, here’s an idea:

  • Create a new level
  • Place your characters along an axis, all of them facing the same direction
  • Place a camera somewhere which will look at them
  • Initialize an int value representing your character index (0 will be the left-most character for example)
  • Check when the left/right arrow is pressed: increase or decrease the index value.
  • When the user presses “Enter”, get the index value and change player’s mesh character.

It’s as easy as it sounds…