Blueprint to have the characteristics of another Blueprint

This is my first foray into modding and its a steep learning curve. However hopefully this is in the right place.

I’m currently working with the ARK Dev Kit, and the concept I have in mind requires me to do some creative tweaking. Now I have an asset from the Dev kit that is a static replaceable object(Flag) that can be picked up and destroyed. However once picked up its placed into the character inventory and currently it cannot be held in the characters hand.

Now I have a Torch asset that contains all the properties I wish my static object to have, it can be placed on the ground like the static object and it can be thrown and it can be held in the hand. Now I was hoping to assist in my limited C++ knowledge to be able to take the look of the Flag object and give it the properties of the torch, so in essence its a Torch that looks like a flag when held and placed / thrown.

I’m not sure if this is possible, but I’m hoping I can just take the physical look and attach all the torch functional assets to it. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be extremely grateful or tell me if its not possible and I will start learning more C++ and code myself a new object.


budding mod developer.

Why not just duplicate the torch and replace the static mesh?

Yep what he said just copy torch change name to flag. Go into properties where it says static mesh and then swap the meshes over. There was this bloke that swapped dinosaur meshes for rocks and people we’re riding rocks around the world lol