Blueprint to display metadata

Hello everybody,

I’m a newby on Unreal Studio and I look for the blueprint to display the datasmith metadatas.
I work on Revit and here is I want to do that :

or that :BIM Data in Unreal Engine - YouTube
I tried but however I’m in the fog yet :slight_smile:



Hello JMB,
please have a look at this post Using Datasmith Metadata in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation
It shows how to organise your metadata in Revit, how they are carried inside Unreal and how to retrieve them using blueprints.

You ll also need to create a widget blueprint to contain the metadata and place it in your scene Creating Widgets in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

Finally you ll have to do a piece of blueprint that will do the following:

THX for your answer Flavien,

Now, I have all the steps to reach my objective

Unfortunate that this exemple is not present in the new version of Unreal Studio. Lots of people working in the BIM (Building Information Modeling) is interested by this fonction.

The new functions of 4.21 are great, Good work.



I digged up an older project with something that would get you started. Can you access this link?

I contains a project with revit data imported from 3ds max and a BP widget to display it on screen at play time.

Exactly that I looked for to begin my project. I start to understand the nodes, step by step.
Thanks for the gift.
See you later.


This Project helped me a lot too, Many Thanks, but i’m wondering if you can help me achieving the same result and callout to use for the VR Controllers.
As I’m producing this project for desktop and VR and i want the callout function to show in both modes, not only with just the cursor click.
Thanks in advance.

and I’m also wondering if there is a way for the callout to show different metadata keys not just the one specified in Blueprint which was “Family_and_Type”, I can imagine lots of scenarios but was asking what is the shortest one with least effort.

ohh sorry I’ve already got the answer for this one :smiley: I didn’t notice the append node, Thanks you got this solved already :smiley:
and still waiting for how to make it with VR controllers?

Where is the file? It seems to have been removed. Would love to take a look at it.

Hi !

I would be interested too in the construction of something like in the topic image of this post

But the file given by pf_bretonseems to be inaccessible or has been removed.

Is there a possibility to access it or have it again ?

I’ve made some searches but no favorable outcomes this far.

Thank you all !

I have not found anything helpful either even though I have read through the documentation. I want to control revit object visibility based on values in the metadata

Actually I’d like to check out the file too if it can be made available again

For some reason, this disappeared… here is a new link:

Hi, thank you for the sample file, I am however finding it difficult getting around to using this. I’ve loaded in my exported datasmith file into the project and the metadata shows on the details tabs. However when I click ‘Play’ these doesn’t show up when selected.

How did ou solve it? how do you get all key shown in the game? =)

The URL had expired again. Could you please share the project once again??

If you have solved the issue, could you please explain how to show chunks of metadata (not just one or two lines) on screen?

I able to get values for two keys (by using two *Get datasmith user data values for key *nodes )and showed them on screen.

Hi pf, would you be able to share this again please? The link seems to have been removed again. Thanks in advance

Please share the link again, thank you very much.