blueprint to blueprint coms

Hi guys so im affraid i have another noob question … ok so in my anim blueprint i have a variable called (is crawling) … and my state machine is set up to play the animation (crawling) if crawling >0

and in my character blueprint i have an input action (ctrl)

i want to use this input action to change the value of (is crawling) but no matter what i try i cannot set the value of (is_crawling)

i can call the input action(ctrl) but no matter what i have tried i cannot use it to set the variable i also tried with the variable stored inside the third person_bp but then i cannot call the input action ctrl im pulling my hair out guys

i have tried (try get pawn owner) (cast to animbp) but im lost guys im aware that this is my fault and not the engine i just need further guidance

inside the blueprint. drag of the mesh component in the graph (the mesh that use the animation blueprint) then create a node “Get anim instance” that will give you a refenrence you can cast to the class of you’r animation blueprint, then set values. You need to do this from the player’s blueprint.

errrrm ok i will try that im a little confused however. the mesh holds no information does it?

Sorry i clearly have to do more tutorials i have no idea what im doing wrong but i simply cannot do it i will share what i have

i have an input action called (crawling?) this is only available in the characteranimbp please forgive my confusion im slow to learn

that mesh reference, is it referencing a skeletal mesh with this animation blueprint assigned to it? it should.

not gonna lie i have no idea lol .im confused as hell right now

ok i dont even know what to ask next i hope this picture will help me unravel the mess i have created :frowning:

Thank you JX53mb im not going to say that i understand why this works and im sure my method is sloppy and has a lot of unnecessary nodes but this setup finaly works THANK YOU !

well, it could be better, but this will work. you dont need to cast twice. you could do the cast thing at begin play. then promote the cast result to a variable by right-clicking on it. then use that variable instead of re-casting every time you need to use it.