Blueprint to Blueprint communication problems.

don’t know if this is any help to you, quick tutorial i did on here about blueprint communication:

I think if you search for inventory tutorial you are bound to find one.
Now with UMG and if you consider multiplayer, I really can’t think of a way to do a inventory properly without interface.
(Or a very very messy trees with tons of branch nodes.)

Is it intended that suddenly only exposed (marked as editable) variables can be used from another blueprint? This was definitely not always so since I’ve got many Get-calls to non-editable variables of other blueprints that still work. When did they change it, or did I miss something?

I’d rather have public variables that can’t be edited in the editor but only by blueprints themselves, just as it was before… my current workaround is: set variable to be “editable”, call it from another blueprint, set variable to not be “editable” anymore - the call still works.

This is a new feature added in 4.6 Unreal Engine 4.6 Release Notes | Unreal Engine Documentation (under blueprints) Not needed with older versions.

Ah, thanks!