Blueprint TMap "Find key"?

Do TMaps have a low-level/fast way of finding any key with a certain value, in C++, that can be exposed to Blueprint? I mean, literally just any key in the map (the first one it finds in memory) that has a certain value.

Not really knowing anything about low-level code, it just feels like there should be a quicker way to do this than creating an array from the keys & iterating over it?

And if that really is the best way - please consider this a request for a C++ version of the above, as an official node? Like:


(where the bottom output is false if no key was found with that value)

Yes please, this would make sense in multiple situations I have found myself in and desiring this.

Awesome idea. Find myself in a situation like this many times.

arf f@#k, once again the simplest things are missing