Blueprint Time Increasing Over Time

Maybe it’s because of metahumans. On my main project the blueprint time increases like crazy over time after hitting play. Tried to use the profiler fixed a few tick functions that took a few ms but that did not help. This happened after merging the metahuman project. Disabled all the metahumans plugins and removed the settings from defaultengine.ini. This helped a bit. Now it takes longer but blueprint time still increases over time. Starts from 10ms and slowly goes up to 90ms.

04.28-22.51.52 Profiler with metahumans.

04.29-07.25.55 Profiler after removing metahumans.

[Profiler Here

Has anyone had a similar issue with metahumans? or could someone more experienced with profiler tell me what’s wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Looks like I found the issues, I looked at the profiler again and this time I disabled all the game threads with high ms. the 2 widget binds. It’s strange tough I have other widget binds and they don’t behave in the same way. I am just getting a variable and return visible or hidden.