Blueprint text always facing the camera


I have created a simple Blueprint in which when you enter a specific Box Collision a particular text appears.
What I wanna do is to make that text always face the camera when it appears, and when I move in the scene.

I have also attached what I’ve done so far.
Thank you all in advance for your contribution.

Well I found something myself. I attach what I did with the above BP.
But if you have any comments to improve it, please share.

The way I do is, is to have a specific ActorBP for the text. I call it “SpeakBubbleBP” since in my game the text pop in bubbles on top of the characters in screen. But same method works for you. Instead of trying to turn the text in your level blueprint etc. you just spawn the text blueprint every time you need text on screen. Inside of that blueprint, you can switch the text to what needed for the situation.

In this actor, first add a component to it: a “billboard”. That is an object that automaticly keeps facing the camera. Under the parenthood of this, add a “TextRender” component. Now it already works! If you dont have those yet, you also need to make a text font material and convert your custom font to distance field font: