BluePrint Teleport problem


I have a BluePrint with a triggervolume.
When the player enters into this trigger it should be teleported to another location.
Sometimes its working

And sometimes I just get into the middle of nothing.
I print the position of the player in the level blueprint
The player position(x,y and z) is changing very fast about few seconds, and suddenly stops

I get this problem in editor and in the built game.

the teleport target does not have any collision, and the teleport always returns true

What can be the problem?



So I think the issue here may be that the teleport location’s initial position isn’t being set. This may work:

Add EventBeginPlay and then make a new variable, ‘Teleport Initial Location’
Set ‘Teleport Initial Location’ and connect it to EventBeginPlay
Add Get Actor Transform and drag off the orange node and type
Break Transform from the location node of Break Transform, connect to ‘Teleport Initial Location’

Complile, Save, and try it out.

Ok, I don’t exactly understand, but I followed your instructions
created an eventbeginplay
created a new variable teleportInitialLocation[vector]
added getactortransform, break apart,connect to teleportinitiallocation
and what now? I connected to setactortransform, same result

I created an empty game, and produces the same effect, with the default pawn
I also created an fps starter blueprint, ant it was working well

now I am checking how can I get the character from fps to empty project. Have no other/better idea

I created a new CHARACTER BluePrint
In the BluePrint component added a new camera [moved a little up, in the capsule]
In the BluePrint Graph:
Created an fpsBlueprint project. Open its MyCharacter BluePrint. Go to graph.Copy Mouse input and Movement input parts. Paste it in your project.

In the project settings, at input section created the required axis mappings (MoveForward, MoveRight, LookUp, Turn). It is the same as in the Fps project

Now I created a new GameMode BluePrint
For the Default Pawn class set the newly created character blueprint

in the project settings/Maps&Modes/Default Modes set the default game mode to the created gamemode blueprint

and bumm, its working

Shoot so I forgot to tell you to use the ‘Teleport Initial Location’ Vector as the Destination Location for your Teleport Function.

But it sounds like you got it figured out sooo all good