[Blueprint] Structure - Access individual members

Accessing individual members will make structures way more flexible and accessible, it will also emulate closely to how other scripting/programming languages work for structures. Right now there is no way for me to update a value within a structure without having to update all of the rest and it will be a good quality of life addition to UE4.

Thanks for reading!

You can update single (or multiple) member variable in a structure using “Set members in …” node.
The members that are updated can be chosen in the nodes details panel.

There is an ongoing work on improving this node.


I hope so :slight_smile:

What is a bit confusing about this node is the fact that when you create it and hook it up to a struct, it doesnt automatically show the pins.
You need to make them deliberately visible…

This is because you usually would use this node when a single struct has so many members it would take up a lot of space to just Set the struct value itself.

For example, try breaking a PostProcessSettings struct; THAT is the reason why pins default to hidden rather than shown.

If pins were visible (enabled) by default, then after adding a new member variable to the struct, the pin would automatically occur (as visible) in the node. So the value represented by the new pin would be reset, even when it’s not supposed to.

Is there a reason it can’t simply work like it does for UObjects - you drag off a struct variable and can select a Get/Set for any of the members?

What about adding an option to customize functions, macros and structs aesthethically and adding automatic struct splitting as an aesthethic option?
Other options could be repositioning pins, editing box sizes, converting something into a dropdown box, adding an add pin for arrays ( Unity does this automatically.)

+1, it would be nice.
For now, we must do e.g. Stats -> Break Structure + hide other pins -> Get HP instead of just Stats -> Get HP

I know this is a really late reply. But I just notice I forgot to say thanks!

Thanks, the pin option is really useful! :smiley: