Blueprint: straight stairs creator with brick pattern and extra randomness

I made creator for stairs (or walls), for now only straight, not bending. It uses instanced static mesh for visuals and invisible mesh for collision. All done in blueprints with nice randomizing options.
It is based on blueprint 3rd person game template, but should be easy to migrate.

Some pictures, each brick is separate random mesh from array, that is easy to expand:

Options have tooltips, but just in case:

General options:
WX,WY - columns and rows of stairs/brick wall
Step_H - Z offset of each new row
Scale - scales whole blueprint
Brick_offset - this shifts every other row horizontally
Cos_offset_mlt - simulates wear of effect on middle column, moves all bricks in Z axis proportionally to cos function like on 1st picture
Mesh_size - this allows for nice gaps or a bit overlapping to hide holes.

Randomness settings:
SEED its 42
Random Rot Scale - rotates all meshes randomly from -value to +value in degrees
Random Major Rotation - flips meshes by multiple of this value, 90 or 180 works best unless you have non boxy meshes.
Random Major Rotation Steps - how many times it can flip mesh, 0 will flip some by major rotation, so set major rotation to 0 instead for non flipping.

Now quite important debug options:
This blueprint uses invisible static meshes, they are fine until 10x10 steps or so. After that working in editor is quite impossible. Keep them both unchecked for editing, turn on only for game or debugging colision.
And use this way for collision only when you really need it.

By default collision meshes are turned off. And instanced static mesh collision most of times does not work. So if you want to try it in game turn on “Spawn Collision?”

Download link: Dropbox - Error

PS. Working on improving it, new version will have option to approximate collision with single mesh for row or column of bricks.

Looks awesome but one question. Why did you go with SM for the collision? Maybe using blocking volumes will help with the performance issues that you are experiencing with collision. Just food for thought…

Can blocking volumes be spawned and scaled/moved by blueprint?

I solved collision issues in next version. it can spawn row, column or single flat collision mesh. And everything works fine up to 300x100 meshes or so.
Thanks for advice i will try spawning and manipulating collision volumes. Instanced static meshes lose collision if they are scaled up, so for cases when one needs per brick collision he cannot use scale.

Ps. now I am trying to clear macros with math expressions. I will post new version soon.

Hey man, you’re such a boss :smiley: thanks for giving us this for free bro. Btw, i still haven’t figured out how to give it collision so that i can go upstairs, Spawn collision doesn’t seems to work :confused:
Anyways, a huge thank you for this <3

this is awesome. Good work. this came out at the perfect time i was just starting on getting some stairs done and you released this its perfect for what i needed.

Getting a 404 :frowning: really liked the look of this.

Getting a 404 as well. Hopefully my bump will encourage the author to repost. It looks like a great resource.

that is really badass! nice job bro