Blueprint Static Meshes seem to not have lightmap calculated on them.

Hi everyone,
Im working on an interior scene using the GPU Lightmass plugin from Luoshuang and I dont know if its a GPU lightmass issue or its an issue of Unreal but my lightmap on the top cabinets, backsplash and counter seem like there is no lightmap on them, even though there is a UV channel and worked before. Im using these static meshes within a Blueprint for box trigger volume and material selection in realtime. So I needed to put these into a Blueprint. Materials are Instanced materials of a main material. Maybe I have to set the starting base material of the static object to the MAIN material and not the instances? Or that doesnt matter?

Second image shows an earlier version before the blueprint static mesh option, the cabinet and things looked fine. The backsplash had reflections and lighting etc. Now they all dont!!

Anyone know anything about this?

By default I think all static meshes are set to ‘mobile’ in blueprints. Change them to static inside the blueprint.

Hi S-Dot,
The objects within the Blueprint static mesh are all Static. Not moveable or Stationary. I also checked the Lightmaps on UV1, they’re all flattened and used correctly.
All the other objects calculate fine. The ones that are NOT within an actor blueprint.