Blueprint Spline Path That generates Buildings and Streets

I’m not good at titles Xp So I want to create a blueprint that allows me to use spline paths and the paths will have for example a road, sidewalk, and buildings all with meshes interchangeable. I’ve done splines for tubing, wiring, and streets but never with multiple mesh assets I will also have adjust the blueprint so that when there are turns the buildings “deform” properly if that’s a thing. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Using UE4.9.2 Advanced Thanks!

I do not think if this is possible without C++. To place objects you need to read location and orientation on segments of spline (ie read 2 points at some distance).
You could do total hack and use matinee splines then read camera position when it moves around, but that is total hack.

What you need instead is function that exposes f(t)=[x,y,z] for spline. Ie read location of spline point given some value, but i think this is not exposed to blueprint, that is why you need C++.

Rest if quite simple (or complicated), you need read 4 points, having width of your assets, and tangents of beginning and end of cell (that’s why you need 4 points) you can get corners of 4gon your asset needs to fit in.

After that is procedural creation of content in that cell.

Btw if you want to make your own splies they are called: Bzier curve
There are also Bezier surfaces, if you want to model terrain then create paths for roads on it.

Epic made a video about splines. It shows how to create a road with 2 extra meshs on the sides.

It will not teach you how to exactly do the stuff you want, but after that i assume you will able
to come up with a setup that creates different builds etc on Points.