Blueprint Spline Mesh Problem

Hello there.

I am working on a spline blueprint that should create a road.

The problem is with the placement of the meshes along the spline. When I start rotating the points, there is a gap between the spline and the road mesh.
I compared it to the Landscape Spline tool and saw that it fits very well, as I expected. I need them to fit perfectly to the spline because after deforming the terrain, some sections of the road start to float in the air or get stuck under it.

I recorded a demo video to show what I mean. Also, I am attaching my files (I am completely new to blueprints, I am a 3D artist, so please do not judge too hard).

Please help if someone knows how can I fix it. Only this problem doesn’t let me finish my next marketplace product. Anyone who could help me with this I will send the product as a gratitude :slightly_smiling_face:

RaceTrack (333.7 KB)