Blueprint space ship

Hey guys, I’m trying to make a blueprint spaceship that the character can walk inside star citizen style, then click on the captains chair and fly. I don’t want to use the possess command because then the camera viewpoint shifts. Is there a way to essentially attach the player to the moving platform and then make the platform move up down left right based on input?

Well first you will need a model a huge spaceship where a player could fit inside. I’m not that familiar with the unreal physics but I’t should work if you put the player start inside your spaceship, because then he spawns inside the spaceship if you have goo collision (you will need to wrap the collision around and not in the inside - make that with your 3rd party modelling program). If his works I would try to put your whole spaceship into a blueprint and the seat is in this blueprint too. You could do this like a door - so if you enter a trigger, it will allow pressing E or something like that and then it switches to any camera you want (3rd or 1st person) and allows you controls W, A, S, and D. If you then hit ESC it should come up with your player in front of the seat because he actually not despawns the player, but if you want that, you could. I will try this myself in a easy way with some easy meshes!