Blueprint / Sound

I am currently working on a project based on a tv series in which i have recreated, its about escaping the apartment, I am looking for someone experienced to blueprint 6 different functions which goes towards finding the key of the main door to get out the apartment. You must be able to come up with ur own escape plan to blueprint. Functions can be simple for the most part, as long as its interactive with the player character, I I also need some sounds playing in the background which i have included in the level. Lastly I have a menu page already in the level before the game begins, on start game, I want to play a 20 seconds video of the series setting ( cutscene) and then begin the game. I need this done within 2 days from day of agreement. I will be paying via paypal, please only contact if you are confident in your ability and done this before. If you are interested email me via [EMAIL=“”]