Blueprint Smart Pin Snapping

Those pins are quite small, and a lot of times I end up missing them with the mouse and I have to try again. I think it would be nice if there was an option to enable/disable some kind of smart snapping feature in blueprints in which the size of the pins and the vertical spacing between the items may be adjusted. The target height and width should be maximized to allow for the fastest possible workflow.

I’ve created this mockup for the purpose of illustrating how something like this might look. Obviously the animation bit is fluff - and I apologize for the continuity error with the other node not expanding - but it demonstrates how the target size would go from tightly hugging the text (how it is now) to taking up as much space in the widget as possible. Also the dimming feature to isolate the proper types might be a bit overkill because type casting allows for things like float->vector and int->float and float->string etc.

Here’s an older thread addressing the same issue. Apparently nothing’s been changed, so perhaps another post will raise some additional awareness.


Thank you for your consideration.

Hi GCRev,

Thank you for your request. This is already a feature request in our system as UE-7767.

Awesome, good to know.