Blueprint setup don't work properly

Can you get a us a image of your sword character BP?

Here is my blueprint setup. By the way I don’t have a blueprint setup direclty related with this in my sword character. Shuld I have one? And I have problems with both characters I mean both Axe and Sword characters.alt text

So I prepared a blueprint setup to damage my player with enemy AI collusion but it don’t work properly. Any ideas? Thank you.

Been staring at this one for awhile, I cannot duplicate your specific issue with the overlaps. If your goal is to locate the issue I would recommend breaking some of the connections and slowly reconnecting to see where the bug is located, I would recommend cutting at these points and slowly reattaching.

I also Recommend considering a bit of a rework. You’ve got a lot of functionality occurring outside of the actors (blueprints) they will affect, and this can lead to a lot of headaches and extra coding.

For damage, there is a built in blueprint interface message system (note: blueprint interfaces are fantastic!) that can handle communicating the damage much more easily and cleanly. here is an example:

On the damage dealer you simply send a message to the actor that damage is being dealt. If the actor is using the proper damage event, or anyDamage, then it will do something, otherwise nothing will happen! Its much more straightforward than needing to verify what your trying to hit, and then reaching in (casting) and manually fiddling with it.

The Damage system already in Unreal is fairly decent for basic needs, allowing you to do things like prevent ally damage (you could use/check the instigator pin) and other such stuff.

Thank you for the suggestions.