Blueprint set rotation vs Component set rotation

At this point I think its probably a bug, but hopefully I am doing something wrong.

To simplify the problem lets say I am trying to rotate object towards its velocity:

So in the blueprint it works without problems: place that actor in level and shoot it, it always faces the velocity direction

But when I try to create an actor/scene component so that I can make the behavior reusable, it breaks and and creates problems, especially with location.

To replicate
Create actor/scene component and create a variable of PrimitiveComponent reference to get velocity and set rotation

Apply this scene component to the same cube and set comp reference to the cube in constructor

Place it in level and apply force to see results - rotation jittery, location not updating

The conclusion I am drawing is that when setting rotation of physics simulated component from blueprint it works fine, but when doing the same from actor/scene component it messes up.


EDIT: I have moved this to AnswerHub bug reports here

Could someone move this to Epic feedback section please?

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Can we get some Epic eyes on this? I am trying to develop a certain set of reusable components, and this is really blocking me, since I would really like to have actor’s rotation driven by the component

EDIT: I have moved this to AnswerHub bug reports here