Blueprint Seamless travel?

Hello, how do seamless travel work? i mean i know how they work, all clients stays connected. but how do i use it?
I have a Multiplayer Lobby where clients can join in, and when the Server tap the “Start Match” button the game map loads and everyone gets re connected and it al ljust works.

However when i use “Seamless travel” on the gamemode, nothing happends when i click the Start Match button, have i missed something? I red on the online manual thing that i need a transition map, where do i select it?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

EDIT: if i use “Open Level” instead of a “Execute console command” the host travels to the map, but the clients gets diconnected to the menu

It turned out that Seamless Traveling does not work if there are 2 players in the editor (Single process PIE).

Which is bad news because now we have to package the game everytime we wanna test it. This needs to work as soon as possible!

Agreed. Especially since there is no way to tell in Blueprint whether or not you are in the editor at the moment… (and there hasn’t been, since the feature was requested in 2014).

By the way this is the best way to test a multiplayer UE4 game… .bat files