Blueprint Scripting weird SM growing

I’m kinda new to Blueprint Scripting.
At the moment I’m exploring the engine while creating a mini game where you have a Tube to fly in.
I have set up the Basic game but now i tried to expand the tube.
The expansion is no problem but after that the tube should stay the same size until it resizes to normal.

My Problem is, that every expanded tube I spawn goes bigger and bigger??
I can’t explain this… I think I set up everthing the same like in normal size.
Does anyone know how this could be fixed?

It is easier to help if you attach a printscreen of your script.

Thanks for your reply first of all.
I now made a couple of screenshots so hope we find the problem.

Transform is a position, rotation and scale together. GetExpandAttachTransform and GetResizeAttachTransform functions drive your transforms for your new tunnels. No screenshot about those, check if you increase all 3 (x,y, z) dimensions of the scale when creating the new transform.

Thanks Man that helped me alot, just changed the variable to a vector and splitted the struct pin so what I wanted works now :slight_smile: