Blueprint Scripting, Prototyping, Tutoring, Integrating marketplace assets

My name is Jan “Allshar” Czarniecki.
I’m offering my services in blueprint scripting and all related areas.
I can do anything related to blueprints from simple level elements, to whole games.

**My work and experience: **
-4 years of working with UE4.
-Marketplace content creation.
-5 time #ue4jam winner :slight_smile:
-Visit to see some of my work.
-Visit to see some of my games.

**What I do: **
Anything blueprint related:
-Prototyping, creating, modifying gameplay mechanics.
-Creating user interface.
-Level design
-Basic 3d modeling, material design.
-Modifying, adjusting and integrating marketplace assets and other work.
-General tutoring in blueprints, explaining how stuff works. My work is fully commented and explained.

**Contact: **
e-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
discord: Allshar, I’m at Unreal Slackers often.

**Other info: **
-Flexible working hours
-Low prices
-I’m available for both small, simple tasks as well as for large scale projects.

Sent you a PM.

Up for visibility.
I’m currently available.

Someone was asking if I could help them create for their game a multiplayer inventory system based on the “USQLite” plugin I have on Marketplace;
Unfortunately I can’t stop the tasks I must deliver right now, so I will email them link to this post, maybe you could help them if they didn’t find someone already :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile: