Blueprint scripting - Paid/Royalty/Free

Hello everybody,

My name is Adrian.
After 18 months of learning blueprints and prototyping things I would like to join a serious project or at least do stuff for someone and test my skills and gather opinion. It may be a large long-term project or a little thing to script.
Need to start somewhere - so anything will be nice to gain more experience. Most of the blueprints I can make for free, however money would be nice :cool:

You can also “try me” before involving in larger paid project.
Got questions? Ask!


Hello Adrian
I may have some interesting projects for you. If you be interested, send me a mail to game3d (at) game3d (dot) ch

My greetings,

Hope my message finds you well!

We’d say that your case, based on what you display seems very interesting, to say the lest.

We are currently looking for some more programmers/Visual scripters to strengthen our coding department for our running ambitious project.

Please try to get in touch with us either here on unreal or to get further into detail.

Would love to hear back from you!


Hi Adrian,

We would like to have a conversation with you, we have a very cool project in VR that I think you would be a good fit for and would immensely enjoy.

Please connect with me here or via email:

Talk soon!

Hi exadi,

Like you, I’m a Blueprints Engineer/Programmer. I’m seeking another skilled programmer to assist in the development a Concept Online EStore. Imagine a Futuristic 3D Shopping Mall in Virtual Reality. In this VR Emporium, multiple Game Developers and Players can collaborate and play test Game Dev Assets in realtime using RPG|FPS Tools and Game Mechanics. The World is made entirely of the Game Dev Assets that can be purchased/downloaded, and use in other game products.

Now, Imagine earning a percentage of each and every shopping cart transaction processed.

I’m finalizing up my first Game Dev Product: EyeManga3D for publication/distribution, and in discussions with Dartnella to acquire licensing for the DWS which will support a persistent open world design that is modular, network-scaleable, and ideal for prototype testing. I design and develop in a modular fashion and have several task that can be black-boxed and delegated out to distribute development efforts.

The future is the direction I’m traveling in, come join me on the ground-floor. Contact me via Private Message at your leisure.