Blueprint scripting and all around Unreal Engine Person needed


Project Title: Blueprint person needed.

I have a game that has been worked on before by another person (they were great) but they are too busy to work on things right now. I need three things done with the game.

  1. The game was in 4.9 and I want it updated to 4.11 but when I do it I notice problems I cannot fix.
  2. I also need to have any bugs worked out that they might notice in the blueprints. I would love to have someone make sure everything is working properly so that I can start to have the game tested by kids, teachers and school administrators.
  3. Some of the mini games have some issues that I do not know how to fix. I would like these fixed. (this will probably take a bulk of the time)

This is a paid contract and please apply only if you feel you are experienced enough to complete the job. I can pay hourly or per the entire project.

Experience: Blueprint Scripting. Also if you have experiencing releasing a game that would be very helpful as well.

E-mail: <>
You can also contact me through the personal messages on the forums.
In your message please let me know about your experience and links to any works you have done. Thank you in advance.

Thank you to all who applied. I am currently working with someone who replied to this opening. Thank you again.

your welcome)

So you are no longer hiring?