Blueprint screenshots show different things working / not working.

My screenshot here shows on the left a tutorial that apparently can at least even connect the nodes Set Score (Save Game variable) and Int (Score variable)

on the right in my project, UE4 says the nodes are not compatible. You can’t plug in a Int into a Save Game. I know they kind of should be incompatible I want to know how the guy on the left managed to plug these in together. I am missing something?

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Please help!

The ‘Score’ variable he is setting, comes from his Save Object. Basically, inside his save object, he has a variable called ‘Score’ which he is setting.

So let’s say inside your Save Game Object, you create a variable ‘Score’. You would then be able to drag off from your Save Game Object Reference and set the ‘Score’ variable like he does.

I still can’t figure out how to make these nodes compatible. I have Score (Int) and Score (SaveGame) I don’t understand how the video makes them compatible.

I really appreciate you trying to help, I’m just trying to build a online board game prototype for a few friends. I am a huge noob but I am reading the documentation slowly.

here is the video for anyone interested: Unreal Engine 4 - Simple Dice System - YouTube

I tried making a Variable Type Score, which isn’t compatible with Int either.