[Blueprint] S.T.S. (Simple Targeting System)

Hey guys,

I’ve started to recover from my recent mishaps and started to work in unreal again (expect updates for all the systems coming out next month) , to celebrate, I’m releasing a simple stand alone (Blueprint-Only) targeting system with similar functionality to targeting systems in titles such as witcher, dark souls, or skyforge.

Video from sample project:

Video from my game Skyland of Arnythos, for which I originally developed the system: <— On sellfy now for 4.99$ (all profits go towards funding my game Skyland of Arnythos)

planned marketplace price: 10$

I’ll be uploading a video of the system later today.

(The system uses ray-trace from the player camera for soft/hard locking)
The system supports softlock (similar to targeting in skyforge, look at targetable actor to target them) and hardlock mode (lock to a specific target via event eg. keybind)
The system also has functionality to lock to nearest targetable actor

There are variables to enable/disable softlocking, enable facing the hard-locked target, and to adjust target distances.

All the blueprints are well commented and there is an implementation tutorial (in pdf format), live help/support is available on request.

The entire system is flexible and can be used in conjunction with my other systems.

(you can open the downloaded project, and see sample implementation the key controls are as follows, Tab to select Nearest enemy, E to hard lock/unlock and ctrl+tab to cancel targeting) Copy the content of the “Content” folder into your own projects “Content” folder
then follow the following tutorial to implement the system in your project

Any questions, problems, or bug reports, contact me on:
Skype: Sarr_50
Steam: sarr_50 (profile name Mr. Wolf)
or email:

~ Technical Details ~
-Targeting similar to popular titles
-Select targets easily in soft-lock mode
-Lock onto and face your target in hard-lock mode
-Customisable UMG widget representing the visual indicator

~ Intended Platform ~
Tested on Windows platform, but it should work on other platforms too.

Let me know what you guys think, feel free to ask any questions or make any suggestions/requests, and if there is interested, ill submit this to the marketplace.

Hey guys, I’ve been struggling to upload the video due to bad internet connection. Also currently the “face target” option makes the player face the locked target but doesnt rotate the camera towards it.

Youtube is not working for you? Would love to see it in action.

I’ve been having issues with my internet connection, I struggle just to open this forum atm, as soon as I manage to finish upload of the video, ill post link here, I recorded one of the videos (from the sample project) and I want to record one from my own game where I also use the system.

The price of the system has been dropped to 4.99$ on sellfy (as a compensation for my delays with my other system updates) there will also be discount % on my other systems in near future!

awesome! looks great

It can be useful and quite interesting, Especially working and fully compatible with Spell / Ability System and Character Progression Attribute System.

You can get the target for spell system, which was the whole idea for this, as well as upcomming simple combat system which can be connected with attribute system as well as the spell system and even the inventory and equipment system to use equipped weapon as collision mesh to deal damage.

Hey guys, Once i finish the update for the character system, I will submit this to the marketplace.