Blueprint runtime Error

I have added a swimming function on my character and it was working well with no problems, I then began working on smth else and suddenly everytime i run the simulation i get this,
Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property BP Third Person Character”. Node: Set IsSwimming? Graph: EventGraph Function: Execute Ubergraph ABP Manny Blueprint: ABP_Manny
I haven’t even touched any of the swimming blueprints which i find quite odd. are there any solutions to this?

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Just click on the last word in the error, it will take you to the offending node. That node is accessing an uninitialized variable. You need to set the variable.

I don’t get what you mean, but this is what it shows me when i click on ABP_Manny.

So, it means this variable


has no value.

So how do I give it a value?

See the post :slight_smile:

It says 404 error page not found :confused:

I still don’t understand what it means tho

The answer is in the post


This is how to set your character reference in the anim BP.

Isn’t it the same as this?

and this is connected to it

Yes, but that’s very different from


The error you’re getting is saying you have not assigned this variable?

yea but I’m not sure how to assign it. Sorry for being a bit annoying, I am very new to ue5 XD

That other bit of code we were just talking about, that’s how you do it.

What :sob: Im still confused, sorry!

In your anim BP, you have this?


Do you also have this?


( or the version for your player ) In your version, it would set the ‘bp third person’ variable.

I have these, I’m new so I have to send them separately

Right, you are not setting ‘bp third person character’.

You need to have a copy of this


but, change the cast to ‘bp third person character’, and the SET to your variable.

Ok, this is in addition to what you have now, not instead of.

At the moment, your variable ‘bp third person character’ is the right kind of variable, but you have not told the engine which player you’re talking about. I know that sounds nuts, coz there only is one player for you, but you could have a setup with 15 players, so… That’s why you have to set it :slight_smile:

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