Blueprint Runtime Error: "Accessed None trying to read property TPose". Cannot cast

I am trying to make this project github

And i get this error

Error is here (white), trying to get character BP where orange arrow

In that project, this area is same (i guess)

And i think error is related to this reference graph, in project it’s become: Char_BP > Anim_BP > Skeleton > Skeletal_Mesh

But in my case it’s become: Char_BP > Skeletal_Mesh > Skeleton

I search tutorials and debug info, but not found what i need, sorry if i make something stupid, i new in Unreal Engine. What i found is: it’s trying to get something what not exist yet and i need to create it, but i don’t know how. I both cases anim_BP is selected here

It will be because this is null


I… know that, i said it’s trying to get it, but he can’t do that and i don’t know why, how to fix that? “Is Valid” don’t help

Well, you have a whole chain of stuff there. So it will be one of:

  1. TPose is not assigned

  2. The mesh has no animation

  3. The animation is not castable to xbt_anim.

Looking at the error again, I’m plumping for 1 at the moment.

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First is right, i solved my problem, thank you! Need to set value in “Default”

… and i get new problem

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