Blueprint Runtime Error: Accessed None from function: 'ExecuteUbergraph_ThirdPersonCharacter' from node: SpawnActor Bullets Master in graph: EventGraph in object: ThirdPersonCharacter with description: Accessed None

Your SpawnActor Bullets Master node is trying to Get Socket Location of the Skeletal Mesh that will only be accessible after the SpawnActor Bullets Master node is executed. Which is impossible.

It’s like if you wanted to open a car with a key that’s inside the same car. You need to open the car to get the key to open the car to get the key to open the car and so on and so forth.

Here’s my blueprint for Shooting/Controlling my characters Aim Offset while doing so. After including the Aim Offset function into my Blueprint I keep getting these Accessed None error from my Spawning Bullets (Projectiles) Master. If I remove the Aim Offset function & re-do my Blueprint without it like I had prior it doesn’t give me the error. Can somebody please help me take care of this error with my Aim Offset functionality included?

Thank you so very much, but I actually figured that out 10 minutes before I was about to take a break for the rest of the day haha! But I am very grateful that you got back to me with this solution so quickly, maybe this will help somebody else down the road.