Blueprint running in editor but not in Vive ??

Hey guys I have a problem where in a bluepoint I get water too poor down the camera lens when a sponge is held above the camera when you look up… This works perfectly in engine as I am grabbing the camera and the sponge as a reference…

When in the Vive the sponge acts as a controller and the Camera acts as the headset… well at least i think it does ??

None of this works when in the Vive and I have printed a string when these events occur and that doesn’t come up either ?

Would really appreciate the help and if anyone knows the solution thanks.


solved it job done!

Post solution so others who may search for this problem have a solution.

Oh yeah sorry… you basically have to use the following nodes instead… “get hand position and orientation” and "get device position and orientation… assign these into the break vectors and then your good to go !