Blueprint "roll back" on a new section

I do all my work, however, sometimes when i save , compile and close my work, then another time when i open my project, things seems to have a smal “roll back” and some blueprint child classes are recompiled (i think) to have all the father class values.
What is going on?,
PS: Using UE 4.14.3 on a project that was auto updated to 4.14.3 because i had a crash on startup issue that i was told to update to 4.14.3 to fix(it fixed).

Do you use any / many circular references in your project? These can often cause strange issues like you’re describing.
This is for UMG, but if you read the thread, you can see it’s a general Blueprint issue: Circular references in Blueprints - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

If not, then it’s probably not this.