Blueprint Revolution

I wonder whether Unreal developers will improve blueprint visual scripting by adding more features that are commonly available in ordinary programming languages, such as huge data types (64-bit data types). It is a fundamental aspect of game development in today’s technologies. Even Android and iOS support them now.

It would also be a good idea if all properties in every entity (mesh, texture, actor, etc.) can also be editable via blueprint.

The concept of blueprint revolutionizes game development paradigm. I believe millions of UE users love it and expect it to support more features. So both things mentioned above should really be put into the roadmap in near time.

I agree that Blueprint should strive to be as robust as other managed languages if not more, but in the context of game development, why would you need a 64-bit data type? I’m asking out of pure curiosity. Or are you thinking about the app development side of UE4?

It does more than just play nice games and showcase virtual apartments.

Thanks for the content-less snarky post.

Actually UE should have a generic integral value which range from -infinity to +infinity. There are times when a game developers require values up to hundreds of billions or even trillions. Such simple example is for scoring. Hardcore gamers may be so addicted to games that he’s willing to spend hours on a single game, every day, just to get more score. By having 64-bit data type, it would be more than enough. Not really “infinity”, but it would suffice.