Blueprint Return Node output not saving

Hello everyone!

I would like to report a bug, it’s not the first time that this happened although it is on this project. So if I create a BP function and outputs a bool (or any other type really) It doesn’t save the Output value ON THE RETURN NODE.

So for example, if I create a function IsAvailable and make a Return Node with a boolean Checked, It will eventually reset to Unchecked after restarting Unreal.

At first I thought it was my project but now it’s happening on another completely different one.

So right now to fix it I’m creating a Make Literal Bool node to connect to the Return Node. (As you can see on the image bellow)

Anyways, I know it’s a minor issue but It does bother some times

This is mega annoying, since it also screws my commits, and when someone else pulls, he gets game that doesn’t work (since return bools are not correct). Just noticed that this is happening to me as well. Will try “make literal bool” workaround for now, thanks for suggestion.