Blueprint Requests

Here are some often very simple but I think important things I get stuck on while working with blueprint:

Auto Compile
I understand there may be times you want to manually compile, but it feels annoying to having to hit Compile all the time. Some of the things I do are very simple, and I’d want a feature that I can turn on somewhere to Auto Compile upon any change done to the Blueprint. For example right now I made a blueprint that has a pointlight component. I am tweaking its color at the moment, and after every tweak I have to hit compile again. For things like this I’d like it to just compile each time I changed something.

Missing a Compile button in Components tab
In the Components tab there is no compile button. Each time I tweak a component and want to see what it looks like, I need to switch back to the Script tab, press compile, and then switch back to Components. Can’t we have the Compile button present throughout all tabs?

I am looking for a way to create archetypes/prefabs of actors, which Blueprint now takes care probably? I am trying to create a set of standard lights, I tried with a blueprint with a pointlight inside, but that only gets me fully dynamic lights and not static or stationary lights. Any way I can get the latter two?
Another example would be a level prop torch. Consisting of a Torch mesh, particle, sound, and a light. I could do this in Blueprint if it weren’t for the full dynamic light, although perhaps you never intended Blueprint to be used for this?

Thank you for the feedback!

We have recently fixed several bugs in the Blueprint preview viewport, and you should no longer need to hit compile whenever you change a component property. We are certainly going to add a Compile button to the Components tab though.

I have asked the rendering guys to explain the properties that need to be changed to configure a LightComponent to be static or stationary.