Blueprint replay moves

Issue: Multiplayer custom movement (with a character) isn’t really possible in Blueprints alone without massive workarounds

Would it not be relatively simple to get the engine to replay the blueprint on the server, in the same way that the SavedMove works?

I don’t fully understand it (hence hoping for some blueprint support) but logically, if the server kept a backlog of all player input with the correct timestamps, it should be able to re-simulate everything that happens in the blueprint based on the clients input, ending up with the same result as the client predicted, so no huge error corrections except for lost packets.

It’s quite a huge barrier to entry for anyone wanting to make multiplayer games, since it’s no simple task (and practically impossible) to modify movement with blueprints. For example, this movement pack achieves custom air control with blueprints alone: but it uses a lot of complex replication. No beginner would be figuring out how to make that on their own, and it’s all for a relatively simple concept (simply choosing what velocity you should have on the character), and I don’t think it would be possible to add custom movements using these workarounds (it appears to make use of the built in Jump etc which has correct network support).