Blueprint::Remove element from map and get keys after this

  1. Add 3 element in map(integer:String){0:first;1:second;2:third}
  2. Get map Keys{0;1;2}
  3. Remove element from map{0:first;2:third}
  4. Get map Keys - get error and crash engine
  5. What was wrong?

If you avoid adding default value does this issue still occur? I mean don’t add 0 to the map index and try this again.

LOL I don’t get the crushing engine but:


There is definitely some interesting stuff…

I’m sure it’s a bug.
Tested code:




Someone said that in 4.16 this bug is fixed. Do not hesitate to try. Good luck!

This error causes me to change the logic of the component((

same bug:

We are not sure yet. In your case even editor crashes.

Hey Alakse-

Can you provide the callstack and log file from your crash? Additionally, a screenshot of the setup you used that caused the crash will help me test the behavior on my end.

I tried setting up a blueprint based on your screenshot below but did not get any errors or crash on PIE. Does your map variable have any default values? Is there any additional setup steps to reproduce the behavior? For comparison, here is the setup I used and the output it provided:

Don’t readd. That’s the point.

If you readd all works fine)

I apologize for the stupid question, but where can I find all this data?
Is it possible that this problem is related to the version of the c++ compiler?

Idk maybe you can check it by yourself. Use the same logic and messages)