Blueprint Racing AI


Here is a quick preview of how the system currently operates[This Is Me Racing The Ai]
(Check Later Post To See How Updates Have Been Implemented)

So i am creating a racing project for my last year at Uni :slight_smile: At first I was going to use the other engine that starts with a U, but then i tried Unreal :P. This is my first Unreal Project so its all wip/learning :D. Anyways I was going to code the AI in C++, but i really like the easy control and debugging of blueprints, so I decided to use them :). I haven’t found many references for Unreal Racing AI so this system is built from the ground up.

The AI controls the advanced car example, and uses all the same inputs a human player would use. The system currently uses just one lane. The user adds some way points along the track and then fine tunes splines between these tracks.


  1. Steering. Done
  2. Acceleration and Braking Based On Corner Curvature.Done
  3. Flying Balance(If the car is jumping stop it flipping over).Done
  4. Raycast Obstacle Avoidance.
  5. Random Error and Steer Target Based On Driver Skill.Done
  6. Anti-Reverse Driving(Stop the AI Driving Backwards Around the Track). Done
  7. More intelligent braking.
  8. Clean All Blueprints(Create Functions, Remove Unnecessarily Variable etc…)

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated, please scroll down to see how the AI has been implemented.