Blueprint Qoute. (First project)What should I ask for? Thanks.

Hey there.
First time Im hiring a coder for a small personal project to create a game in the blueprint system.
First I need for him to block out the blueprint plan (inc modules) from my game specs so I can also break it up into milestones. Also for me to understand and help transparency.

And So were both clear and this project and it is a sucess are there any details or specifics that i need to get in this plan that you guys can tell me.

If there is a better way to approach this im interested to hear.

Given the extremely low level information you provided, it is really hard to tell what the obstacles of this project are. As a project manager you would need some experience in the area in order to give better directives and analyze the feasibility of the project.

Hi Xintoc, thanks for getting aback at me. So I have provided a game brief to the freelancer.
The Mechanics, features, core gameplay and its needs equipment needs.

What I thought would be useful for me to plan the deliverables is a diagram with title annotations to show the modules of the blueprint and its design. So I can gauge how much work for the coder there is and how we are best to break it down into milestones.

As im inexperienced at this and not a project manager, Im trying to find how to best direct him for this quote and for him to give me all the information I need.

I posted in the blueprint section as you guys know what information is important to see the full scope.

i,e if one blueprint designer asked another blueprint designer to submit a rough plan for design to what level of detail and what details would help show the extent of the work, structure and the efficiency of their design?


Well, a rough design would itself be a list of features/milestones and maybe an overall direction of how the player should interact with the module. There are games where a player spends hours in an inventory comparing items and games where switching items is a matter of pressing a button. It’s hard to ask for the details of the blueprint when the blueprint does not exist yet so it is a matter of the competence of the designer and the communication between the designer and the director. You yourself need to present some clarification on what you expect the end result to be and the designer should handle the backtesting and finding flaws. It should be user-friendly and follow the “blueprint best practices”. Those are my thoughts on the subject.