Blueprint: Projectile Not Replicating FPS template

I have been making a game off of the FPS template, but the bullets arent replicating. I selected replicate and replicate movement, but it doesn’t work.

You may want to look at how you’re spawning the projectiles. Perhaps spawning them with a Server RPC (with authority) will spawn the authoritative instance of your projectile, thereby allowing it to replicate to all clients. Something like this should work:

(As Owning Client) FireBullet -> send FireBullet input to server via Server RPC -> (As Server, with Authority) Spawn BulletProjectile

In the past, I’ve had issues with replicated movement that required I set bAlwaysRelevant to true. However, I haven’t looked into what that does, exactly, so I can’t really recommend it as a solution.

I fixed it

How did you replicate it in the end?

how did you replicated?