Blueprint Programmer Wanted for small mmorpg


I am in need of a blueprint programmer. I dont have enough time to program now (2 works at the moment) but I would like to keep the project moving.

The project is top down, currently it supports:

  • multiplayer: two players can log in successfully and see each other, etc
  • login / register / account creation / delete char via sql database
  • players can hit npcs and do/receive damage
  • players can die and respawn
  • there is a spell system I made that is kinda working (might like to have it checked to see if its done properly)
  • items are picked up, sent to bag, equipped (modifies stats) etc.

What I would like to progress on. When I mean progress its just the BASE of it so I can advance the rest slowly

  • Check the spell system if was done correctly: users should open the spell menu, click the spell, after casting is done, then they can throw the spell. The menu can have 5-15 tabs/windows.
  • Bag: if possible make it a coordinate based bag, instead of a grid-based bag (or have the option to do it)
  • Add two teams to the game. Players on start (like any other) can chooose a game (ex. Ally or Horde) so based on this they will see friendly people, enemy people, etc
  • Fix a bug in the combat animations: i am currently doing a cast all for the animation, hence it sends this “do animation” to all players, which is incorrect. I might need to move this, somehow, to the animationbp itself and call from the character blueprint to that specific character’s animbp so it only executes on the player required.
  • Check if the item system (pickup, equip, etc) is done correctly.
  • Check for any bugs / improvements that can be done to the game.

Regards! Contact me via PM or add me skype: paulofuertes so we can talk :slight_smile:

bump, still looking for one

edit: only for the fix on the combat animations

add me pep814 skype