Blueprint Programmer Needed UNDER LeadProgrammer Control for SmallTASK

I am a developer on a project callled Pandora with the role LeadProgrammer under the lead of the CEO and we need more programmmers to make developement faster, im in charge of so im recruting one.

TASK = Save load System, HUD stuff and others… In a already existing Code.

SourceControle: **Just GoogleDrive **.

Hey, im interested in joining your team, from what i saw in your youtube video all you have is a base for the game, I’d like to help with this as im interested in making a RPG/HackAndSlash and that seems to be what your trying to create, I can do blueprinting/visual scripting pretty well. I’d like to do more than just a little bit of the game though. I want to be a part of the team and help with the whole game.

Hey, im interested. My email is and my skype is avicohen112

Hi Neongho,

let me know if you’re still looking as I may be able to help.