[Blueprint programmer needed] Arcade Racer - Race Rankings


I’m designing an arcade racer and need help with Rankings and Scoreboard.

Need to have Vehicle positions displayed overhead and in UI and at the end of race display scoreboard.

There is a collection system in place[ie,coins] that would need to be implemented in the scoreboard and would need to be incorporated with my current Timed Attack and customisation system.

The programmer would need to be able to work around my current setup, of Time attack - Rankings [gold,silver,bronze], Vehicle customisation and Menu system.

More info one request.

I am basically gauging how much this would cost as its taking way too much time for me to piece things together and ending up having to cut out features i want.

Please only sensible offers I am a sole developer with no funding.

More info on the game here:

Hi there

I sent you request on hangout to chat about the same. Can you please check. I have team of experienced programmer and can work on the same.

This task is pretty basic, like a few hours of work, I’m sure you can afford it even with the highest hour cost.