Blueprint programmer looking for an actively paying project

Sorry, but I cannot deal with it anymore. Every person who has hired me for a royalty project has either cancelled midway, switched engines, refused to start a crowdfunding source when a demo video was out to fund their project or created a kickstarter as their crowdfunding source and didn’t obtain enough backers to support the project. So as a precautionary tale for those who hire me I am in it for the money, I do want to help you, but right now I am on the verge of becoming homeless, and so you must also help me. Out of all of the projects I started working on, I was paid once and it was only enough to pay my bills for that month. I am currently working a GIS job just to keep myself afloat and still barely afford food and water at the end of the month. Anyway my skills are still in development, and as I suffer from autism I am not exactly the fastest learner, however I am dedicated to learning. I will work on any project now that will pay actively with a reasonable salary, this means half minimum wage is the minimum I will accept.

I will also clarify some things I said in prior posts. I have been studying programming for 6 years, this is true, but it was on and off, and I didn’t learn as fast as someone else might have, and most of that was engine programming not game programming. So I am only a novice at it thus far. I would love to tutor someone, but mainly because I want to be a teacher for a nonprofit organization for disabled youth later in my life, I am a bit more knowledgeable than a newbie and am willing to teach you some skills if thats what you want me to do, I only do blueprint and C++ however. I learn new things every day, and most of my time in unreal is spent studying, if you take me, you don’t have to pay more than one hour a day, but if you pay me decently, I will also be willing to negotiate working extra without you paying for another hour. If you hire me, it will mainly be to help me out, not for you, while I will try my best to get things done in a reasonable amount of time, but I cant guarantee it.

I also want to stay in direct contact with you, so skype is a must. If you’re interested my skype is live:levidrago. Another note, I do stream weekly on picarto and will soon do some regular stuff on Youtube. If you would like to watch, my YouTube was leviathandragonflyer but I am going to be making a new one soon as I want to get fresher content out and my picarto is ha leviathan. Youtube is the closest thing I have to a portfolio as well unfortunately.

I know how to create custom macros, make a character move with or without a character class, play animation and anim montages, use excel spreadsheets as datatables in unreal, use components, manage memory, and server client relations, UI with UMG, use dynamic collision, hit boxes, make simple materials, some simple ai and some other small things.