Blueprint Programmer / Crowd Sim

Looking for a freelance remote programmer to work on an upcoming project. Ideally would be confident creating crowds using Blueprints. Would also be good if you have experience optimizing and creating final builds.
Anyone interested please email with subject as ‘Unreal Programmer’ and please include any links to your work.
All the best,

Crowd simulation is process intensive, as you proly know;
It’s not very good idea to do it via Blueprints instead of building a C++ class API and pass only the lighter functions/events to Blueprint graphs via custom Nodes…

I’m not so sure UE4 does too well with large quantities of animated characters anyway - let alone whether you implement in BP or native code.

No multi-purpose game engine does, any of them; there’s few game engines built specifically for the space RTS genre that can handle easily 1000 spaceships fighting each other in real time, PBR rendered, 60fps…
But yes, UE4’s renderer wasn’t built for this kind of game/simulation.

It depends on your hardware. If u r doing crowd for visualization then there is no problem with large number of ai agents as long u have proper hardware.

Yep, you’re going to start running into some serious issues the more bones you have on the screen at once. We’ve done simple crowd work in the past and really reached some hard limits that crushed the performance into the ground and we had to scale back the amount of characters and animations exponentially. How many characters were you thinking about having in the scene?